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What to Include in a Balanced Scorecard PPT Presentation

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Amongst the many business and management tools in the corporate world right now, one of the most effective ones would certainly be the balanced scorecard. This is because the tool exists to measure a company’s present status against the goals and objectives that the company had planned to achieve in the first place. What are these goals and objectives? These are both the long-term and the short-term goals that the company had aimed to achieve during the first few years of its existence. These might even be the goals and objectives that the company had set up during its very foundation. There are many aspects that come with the balanced scorecard, and explaining these can be a bit difficult. This is especially true when you are explaining the tool to people who do not really recognize it that much. Thus, it would be so much better to prepare a balanced scorecard PPT presentation.

A PowerPoint presentation can be used to discuss the different aspects of the balanced scorecard. You have to bear in mind that not all of the members of your audience are familiar with the balanced scorecard. The terms that you use, even if these are simple to your own ears, these just might not be easy to grasp for the common person. But when you present the aspects in a PowerPoint presentation, the technicalities just might be made easier to understand. Moreover, the PowerPoint application actually allows your audience to be interactive during the whole presentation. You can insert animated images, to make the presentation all the more interesting. You are discussing a business concept, after all, and any business concept might become a bit tedious or boring to discuss. Capturing and maintaining the interest of your audience is indeed a must here.

So, what should your PPT presentation contain? For one thing, it should include the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard, as well as its measures, its targets, and its initiatives. You should also present the inherent roles and responsibilities of every member of the company or organization, from the higher management, all the way to the frontline employees who face customers every single workday. Moreover, you should include the benefits of using the balanced scorecard as a tool towards a more efficient management system.

These concepts should also be included and thoroughly discussed: Activity Based Costing, Forecasting, Benchmarking, Economic Value Added, Market Research, Six Sigma, Reengineering, Statistical Process Control, Total Quality Management or TQM, Learning Organization, Empowerment, and Self-Directed Work Teams. All of these aspects are very important, especially when you start developing your balanced scorecard.

And if that is not all, you should also discuss the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard very thoroughly, which are Customer Perspective, Regulatory/Financial Perspective, Internal Perspective, and Learning and Growth. The aspects categorized under these perspectives should also be discussed.

Lastly, you should also explain how the measurements should be panned out. For instance, discuss how the measurements should be able to translate the expectations of customers into reachable goals. Discuss how measurements should evaluate the processes that take place, as well as their quality.

With a balanced scorecard PPT presentation as detailed and thorough as this, you will surely have no problem discussing every nook and cranny of this management tool.

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Presenting – Authentic Austrian Cooking and a European Coffee House Atmosphere at Konditor

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When you travel to Toronto, this multicultural metropolis, you’ll have a chance to sample delicacies from all over the world, but one of the national cuisines is not well represented: Austrian cuisine. Canada experienced a big wave of Austrian immigrants right after World War II and into the 1970s, but since then the number of newcomers from this small European nation has dwindled considerably, resulting in a shortage of Austrian eateries.

As an Austrian immigrant myself, one place caught my eye a while ago: an authentic Austrian café / pastry shop called “Konditor”, German for “sugar baker”. Over the last few months I have tried several times to drop by and try some Austrian dishes that I had grown up with, but every time I swung by I inadvertently picked a Monday or Tuesday when the establishment is closed.

Well finally, today after doing my interview with Sheila Blinoff and Carole Stimmell from the Beach Metro Community News, I decided to pay another visit to Konditor, and given that it was a Thursday today, I had finally picked the right day of the week. I came in right around noon into a small yet tidy establishment in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood, on Queen Street just west of Woodbine Avenue. This compact café has nine tables and three of them were occupied with enthusiastic patrons. The mood in the place was amazingly cheerful, with patrons chatting back and forth from table to table, and I overheard a conversation between two different groups of customers who both agreed that Konditor has the best apple Strudel and the best coffee.

A group of three local business people sat down at the next table: Ernesto Monte is the owner of Meat on the Beach, known for its high quality meats; Arthur (Arturo) Bossio runs a local pest control company while his brother Tony is a general contractor who does a lot of work in the Beach.

Soon jokes were flying back and forth and Arturo started to inquire about the reason for my visit. He indicated that he is originally from Italy, from the southern region of Calabria, but came to Canada when he was a small child. Then Arturo joked with one of the owners, Benedetta Stellino, who also hails from Italy.

People sometimes say that Toronto residents are rather reserved, and strangers are hesitant to talk to each other. Well, at Konditor, witty comments were flying back and forth, and complete strangers (including myself) were ribbing one another, having a good time.

The real reason I had come here for was to finally sample some Austrian cuisine, some munchies that reminded me of my time growing up in the Austrian Alps. So I ordered my favourite Austrian soup: Fritattensuppe (pancake strip soup) and a gourmet pork roast sandwich. Tasting the food of my birth country again, right here in Toronto, was great and the filling meal definitely hit the spot. The gentlemen beside me were already wondering how I was going to polish away a sizeable bowl of soup plus a nice size sandwich, but no problem here, this girl can eat….

Guests kept streaming in, and Benedetta kept them entertained with her charm and an enviable gift of the gab. She definitely has a great knack for making anyone feel welcome, as if they had been friends for many years. She explained that on weekends this place really starts to hop. Finally, I had a chance to meet her business partner, and the pastry chef herself. Burgi Riegler grew up on a farm in Mürzzuschlag, a town in the beautiful province of Styria, only about 30 km away from my own home town in Austria. We sat down and chatted for a bit in our native German dialects, and then switched to English when the formal interview started.

Growing up on a farm, Burgi was introduced to cooking early on, having to prepare meals for her large family. At nine years of age she had already figured out her ideal job: she wanted to become a chef. She figured she might as well get paid for her favourite activity. After her local apprenticeship she spent some time during the winter tourist season in the Austrian province of Tyrol, working as a chef and skiing to her heart’s content. Although she would sometimes work 20 hours a day in the winter she would have the summers off.

But the big city kept calling her: Vienna. She spent several years in the Austrian capital, working in such esteemed establishments as the Hotel Bristol, the Hilton Hotel and Restaurant Corso, one of Vienna’s most renowned restaurants. She worked with some of the most well-known European culinary experts. While working in Vienna, she fell in love with pastries (who wouldn’t?), and took an evening apprenticeship as a pastry chef. Part of the reason was also to prove one of her previous supervisors wrong who had told her she was a “total loser with cakes”. Now Burgi had official credentials as an executive chef as well as a fully qualified pastry chef.

After a few years in Vienna, that Austrian city became too small. The big wide world was calling – Burgi wanted to go to America. But she was unable to obtain a green card and a friend suggested she should go to Canada. Burgi was actually recruited by the Royal York Hotel in Toronto as they were attempting to increase their profile with high end desserts. Burgi was game, and in 1987 she arrived on Canadian soil. I myself had arrived here in 1986, so we realized that both of us have about 20 years of Canadian living under our belt.

Burgi’s first impressions were that the country was so big, the city was huge (in comparison to Greater Toronto’s 5.3 million people, Vienna, by far Austria’s largest city, only has about 1.5 million residents). Just like me, this Austrian transplant fell in love with Toronto. She felt that the people were friendly, and within half a year she had found a Canadian who was so friendly that she decided to marry him. Over the next few years Burgi and her husband started a family in Toronto.

After the Royal York Burgi also spent several years as pastry chef at the prestigious Badminton & Racquet Club until Benedetta came up to her and said she was wasting her talent and should pursue her life-long dream: to open her own coffee-house. Burgi liked the idea, quit her job, and Burgi and Benedetta ended up becoming business partners. The big breakthrough came when Ben was listening to a radio show where Kerry Stratton, conductor at the Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra, commented that he was unable to locate a decent Sacher Torte (a real Viennese specialty) in Toronto.

Benedetta said to Burgi “your Sacher Torte is awesome” and they sent a sample to the conductor. The sweet delicacy went over really well, and Burgi was invited to provide the sweet table for the prestigious Viennese Ball organized by the Toronto Philharmonia. Other highlights in Burgi’s career include an appearance on the popular “Christine Cushing Live” cooking television show, work for the Italian consulate, as well as the annual Salute to Vienna Concert at Roy Thompson Hall. People were definitely taking note of this gifted Austrian pastry chef.

Today Konditor and the partnership between Burgi and Benedetta is well established. While Burgi prepares sinful treats in the kitchen, Benedetta handles the customers in the front. Ben is definitely a character; she has a great natural sense of humour, and doesn’t shy away from ribbing customers in a good-natured way. While I was there, a regular customer came in and Ben told him off for hanging out too much at Starbucks, her competition. The patron came right back with a quick-witted answer and a little humorous banter was flying back and forth.

Not surprisingly, Benedetta’s background is in sales, she spent many years in the headhunting business, saying that she “sold heads for cash”, prior to starting a business with Burgi. Although the last three years have been a ton of work, both entrepreneurs agree that their foray into business ownership has been very rewarding.

Their recipe for success consists of providing an authentic Austrian coffee house atmosphere, with high quality meals and desserts. In addition to delicious merchandise, they strive to create an environment that makes people feel comfortable, just as if they were at home. Benedetta has a knack for engaging people in conversation, and patrons chat freely with one another. Ben, an avid poet, said she is keeping track of all the goings on at her establishment, and one day she’ll write a book about it where she is going to dish out the goods and share the juicy tidbits that she has witnessed in her café. I joked that I better behave myself so as to prevent any compromising news from leaking out.

Ben adds that Burgi’s desserts are second to none, and they taste even better than they look. And people who have traveled to Austria confirm that this place looks like an authentic Austrian pastry shop. As an Austrian myself I can attest to that. For Mozart’s 250th birthday celebrations last winter Burgi made a special three tier cake which was enjoyed by a crowd of 200 patrons. The attendees were fortunate that it was one of the warmest days in January with temperatures around +10 degrees Celsius. Patrons were able to hang out on the patio outside.

I inquired as to whether there were any special events at the restaurant. A recent initiative at Konditor consists of regular poetry readings called “Poetic Justice”, held every first Thursday of the month. One or two poets present their writings, and audience members have a chance to read their own work at the open mike.

A mouth-watering strawberry Cremeschnitte represented an enjoyable highlight to the end of our conversation; I figured I couldn’t leave this place without at least trying one of the sweet treats. Finally I had made it to Konditor, this little Austrian nook that reminded me so much of where I grew up, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be back (using Arnold’s famous words), not just for the food, but for the company.

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Good Moroccan Tea Glasses Presentations

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Are you thinking of the best way to serve any of your distinguished business clients or family guests that come to a tea party? Make all your tea parties come alive with jaw-dropping Moroccan tea glasses that appear in very sleek and stylish designs that will leave you lost for words.

What’s more, these tea master pieces are not only meant to change how you normally serve your guests tea, but will also add flare to your kitchen or living room as impeccable souvenirs that one may find really hard to resist looking at.

Some of the favourable colours that you are likely to get these amazing tea tumblers in comprise of engraved blue, gold, green, silver, pale blue, red and pale green. Known to come in half dozen sets, it’s always advisable when mixing the colourful Moroccan tea glasses to stick to the same design to avoid contradictions when trying to display them in your house.

Have you ever thought of making some hot steamy mint tea? It’s very simple given the fact that you can serve it in the most immaculate display ever. Still on the point of presentation, ensure that you use exquisite silver tea trays that are covered in muslin cloth pieces and have smaller stands in which you can comfortably place the Moroccan tea glasses.

Now, did you know that the famous hot mint tea can actually be served a meter away from the tea tumblers? It only takes a little bit of practice to get to that point, but for now you can stick to the normal routine of tea serving, as you will never go wrong with it.

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Presentation Skills 101 – Four Ways to Work With Your Audience

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Giving a great presentation always involves how you interact with your audience, no matter how good a speaker you are. That’s because people aren’t coming to hear you speak for your sake, they’re doing it for their sakes. If you can’t get them involved with what you have to say, then you might as well be speaking to an empty room. Here are four simple tips to help you get the best relationship with your listeners, and ensure your talk is memorable.

Talk to them, Not at them

The greatest skill of involving your audience is to make your presentation feel like a conversation. After all, conversations are a two-way street aren’t they? Yes and No. We all have friends who can talk for hours, and while we never really get a word in edgeways their conversations are still valuable to us. You need to make sure your language is natural and flows the way you would talk, there’s nothing worse than filling up your talk with long words, jargon and “corporate speak” because real people don’t talk like that.

Get Interactive

Throw a few questions into the audience, preferably loaded ones that elicit a similar response in all your listeners. It gives them a chance to participate without dominating your speech.

In the same way, look at your group and see how they are responding to you – if you’re not getting the response you’d expect, then think on your feet and change the way you’re projecting to them.

Be Congruent

There’s nothing worse than a liar, and people don’t enjoy being lied to. It’s not just your content that’s important, your body language and tone need to support that content. Otherwise people will think you’re lying to them. Find out during your rehearsals as to whether you are in congruence with your message and if not, change the message to something you can support wholeheartedly. A passionate, enthusiastic speaker always has half the battle won before he or she starts talking.

Keep it in Perspective

You can’t be all things to all men, and nor should you try. There will always be a section of any audience who simply doesn’t agree with you or even like you very much. That’s only a problem if you let it become one. As a simple rule the majority of your group will want you to succeed so play to their needs not the few who would love to see you fail.

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Presentation Skills — The Six Most Important Lessons

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With more than fourteen years as a professional speaker, trainer, and storyteller, I have learned many hard-fought lessons that work to make presentations powerful. These techniques work whether we are speaking, giving workshops, or leading meetings.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat! Winston Churchill stated, “If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time with a tremendous whack.” Thinking that people listen and hear what we say, We assume that people hear us the first time. To really make a difference, we need to repeat with force and passion. The time tested formula for planning an effective speech is “Tell them what we are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what we told them.”

Remain in control! When giving workshops and leading meetings, I always encourage participants to interrupt and ask questions. I have found, however, that if the question is way off the topic or is even a “gripe” of some sort, the best way to handle the situation is to say that I will cover that point later, or will be glad to discuss it at the break or at the end of my presentation, workshop, or meeting. Otherwise, the rest of the participants can be turned off completely and we lose their attention.

Be present and audience focused! The audience must know that they are the most important people in the world to us at that moment. Rather than worrying about what we are going to say next or how we are doing, we must focus all of our attention, being, and concern on how the words we are saying are affecting the participants.

Help participants visualize! Realize that people learn when they can visualize our points. Use clear, professionally produced visuals that enhance but don’t detract from the presentation. We need to help the audience see and be a part of our stories, so they start to visualize their own stories.

Watch the words! When giving advice to the audience, it is easier for them to accept and digest the material if we use more “We should …” “We could …” “We need to …” instead of “You should …” “You could …” “You need to …” And, profanity will NEVER enhance a presentation.

Be yourself! Using other people’s material, trying to be like another presenter, or playing the role we think our audience expects can rob us of our credibility, sincerity, and enthusiasm. If we are not expert in and passionate about the topic an audience wants, we shouldn’t accept the invitation to speak. The audience can tell. Give the audience something unique and special. You have what it takes!

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Use Flash Slideshow on Your Website For Multimedia Presentations

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With the advancement of web publishing technology and broadband popularity continues to grow, websites these days have become immensely improved as a multimedia communication tool, and is becoming a collaborative media channel with text, images, video, and voice. Multimedia content including sound, music and video clips add more energy and interest to your web pages. Using website add-ons that has been available online for years now, you can embed any number of different types of multimedia files easily to your own web page, even if you have no programming experience. One of the most commonly used website add-on is flash slide shows.

With flash slide shows, you can display and share your photos and images with the global audience via professional looking, interactive albums. In case you have a business website, this can act as a great tool to showcase products and services easily and in a cost-effective way to your potential customers. What’s more, you can even make the presentations more attractive and interactive by using voice narration that’s done by different voice professionals of your choice.

There are various advantages of flash slideshow presentations depending on the way you use them. To begin with, you can create high-quality slide-shows that address different demand characteristics and come in a small size, which can be uploaded or downloaded easily. You can easily upload these files to your own server once the presentation is ready and your website visitors can view the multimedia slide show instantly — as flash based solution is cross-browser and cross-platform.

For promoting offerings online, a Flash slideshow presentation with the pictures of your products with individual text comments, voice narration and sound arrangements that complement each image would yield much better results than some static images. These presentations will also increase the efficiency of your online offerings and leave an indelible imprint on the minds of the viewers. Teachers, lecturers and other educational specialists can use Flash slideshow presentations to make the entire teaching process more vivid, interesting and easy-to-understand for the students.

You can create flash slide shows without investing much of your time. Even when you don’t know much about flash coding and scripting, you can still have your own customized flash slideshow presentation setup in minutes. There are many software available in the market these days, both free and commercial, that will help you to do the job with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Presentations or Training: “Know” Your Audience First

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Whether we are going to make a presentation to colleagues or potential clients, preparing for a training course, about to enter into a negotiation or start an international meeting, one thing that they all have in common is that there is going to be an audience. One of the key elements in achieving successful communication is having as much information as possible about the audience BEFORE the activity.

We recommend that before any activity – whatever if may be – the trainer / presenter contact the organizer or “owner” of it (the secretary of the MD, the Training Manager, etc.) to obtain the following relevant information. If possible, via face-to-face communication as it is normally easier to obtain the information this way. If it is impossible, by phone. Email tends to depersonalize the exchange of information thereby making it more difficult to obtain!

Whatever method is used, the explicit emphasis must be on obtaining the information so that the ATTENDEES needs, wants and lacks are covered in the most appropriate and effective manner thereby ensuring an efficient use of THEIR time.

Information required:

Who are they?

- What are the names & positions of the attendees?:

- This knowledge makes it easier to personalize the communication.

- It helps to identify “Powers”, “Influences” & “Hot Bodies”. (see below)

- Enables us to identify possible Needs, Wants and Lacks of each attendee and/or the group as a whole. (See below)

How many people will be attending the activity?

- A small group: 3 – 9 people = more participation expected and more difficult to control.

- A medium-sized group: 10 – 20 people = less participation expected & easier to control.

- A big group: 20 + people = less active participation during event, the audience expect a Q&A session at the and are normally easier to control due to cultural norms for this type of activity.

Information about this area ensures that:

- the correct quantity of support documents are prepared.

- The logistics are appropriate for the group.

- The speaker / trainer is psychologically prepared to work with this size group.

Are they all from the same organization or from different ones?

Knowledge about this are helps to identify:

- potential areas of conflict / agreement among attendees and the presenter / trainer..

- shared or different knowledge.

Unity: Their level of knowledge?

This information helps us decide on the appropriate starting point of our communication for THIS audience. As C.P. Snow once said” Never overestimate your audience’s knowledge, never underestimate their intelligence!”:

- How much do the audience know about the topic?

- Nothing?

- A lot?

- Somewhere in between the two extremes?

- Would two presentations be more effective than one?

- Should you provide discussion documents to all attendees BEFORE the activity so that everyone has the same basic knowledge?


This information helps us to ensure that the norms and conventions governing political correctness can be properly observed. In addition, it helps to ensure that the material being dealt with is appropriate in terms of content (complexity, structure, method of delivery, etc) for THIS audience.

- Ages of the participants?

- Gender?

- Cultural level?

- Education? etc.


- What is their Motivation for attending this activity?

- Intrinsic? – from self interest: they want to attend the event.

- Extrinsic? – Having been told to attend the event by a boss.

This information often provides an indicator of the potential degree of involvement and participation of the attendees.

Environment: Room set up?

- Natural light?

- A room size appropriate for the number of attendees and the activities planned?

- Are the necessary materials available: flipcharts, pens, paper, projector, screen, etc?

- Are there any physical barriers such as columns in the room which could impede communication?

- Is there easy entry and exit?

- Is the furniture appropriate?

- Is the room set up as required?


Are the Needs, Wants and Lacks of the audience & the speaker covered:

- Water, hard sweets, beverages, knowledge about breaks, lunch, etc?

Time available.

- Are there any cultural norms about punctuality.

- Do the attendees tend to be punctual?

- How much time has been allocated for the activity?

Effects: Should the communication be:

- Threatening?

- Remove worries & fears?

We believe that if the objective of the communication is to convince, the first step should be to create a certain level of fear or uncertainty in the mind of the audience which the communicator then removes though his detailed proposal.

Additional possible sources of information about the attendees.

- Social Networks:

- LinkedIn,

- Facebook,

- Twitter, etc.

- Organization’s web page

The more information the communicator has about the audience members, the more precise and elegant they can be during the event.

Additional points to Consider:

In every organization, no matter its size, you will always find three basic groups of people:

- “Hierarchical Powers” - Senior management: President, Country Manager, General Manager, etc.

- “Social Powers” - The workmate that everyone follows and “obeys” (the joker, the “rebel”, etc).

- “Influences” – Those who influence the powers directly or indirectly (friends, family, colleagues, specialist, etc)

“Hot bodies” – Those who have no power or involvement in any decision-making process.

It is of immense help if the audience members can be categorized into the appropriate category before the activity begins so that appropriate attention can be paid to each one.

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How To Be PREPARED To Give A Better Presentation?

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One of the essential obligations of leadership, is giving a variety of presentations, to various groups, components, etc, on many relevant topics. One must be ready, willing, able, and totally PREPARED, to give the best, possible, presentation, which is informative, inspiring, motivating, and grabs the attention (and maintains it) of his audience. Doing so, effectively, requires, both, a positive, can – do, attitude, as well as a professionally trained, honed, effective, relevant, aptitude, and skill – set. When these are effective, their impact is generally one, which attracts others to some call, to action, but when these are done, in a less – than prepared, manner, often, have a detrimental one! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the key elements/ components, involved.

1. Priorities; perceptions; planning: How can a leader know, if he has aligned his priorities, with those of his organization, and stakeholders? Do his perceptions of the constituents, align, with those of the members? How much time, and effort, will be spent, and dedicated, to professional, effective planning, to be as prepared as possible, to make a difference, for the better?

2. Relevant; rationale; realistic: You’ll lose their interest, unless, your presentation is, both, relevant, as well as perceived, as being so! Results are generally better, when/ if, you explain your rationale, in an inspiring way! One must realize, it is essential to proceed, in a realistic way, because others, will doubt you, unless they believe you are being attentive to them, and the best interests of the group, as a whole!

3. Empathy; emphasis: Before speaking, and presenting, it’s essential to effectively listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, and, proceed with the ultimate degree of genuine empathy! One must align his emphasis, with these qualities and ideals!

4. Participatory; posture: When one’s presentation is participatory, and proactive, others feel more involved and committed! When presenting, your body language is significant, so one must pay keen attention to his posture, etc.

5. Aptitude; attitude; attention; articulate; actions: When one possesses, both, the necessary aptitude, and attitude, and proceeds with the level of keen attention, which makes others feel cared – for, he articulates a message, which inspires them, to fully consider his important, call, to actions!

6. Reach out; reasons: Reach out to others, and show them how your ideas, align and benefit your reasons, to belong, and become more involved, and committed!

7. Excellence; endurance; energy/ energize: Don’t call – it – in! Demand your ultimate personal excellence, and don’t accept, good – enough! Obviously, this takes additional effort, and endurance, but, your level of personal energy, will energize those, you are trying, to engage!

8. Delve deeply; discover; deliver; do it: Fully consider, and examine, what you seek to achieve, and why! This means, delve deeply, into all relevant aspects and considerations, and discover, the best approach! Then, pursue success, by exceeding expectations, and deliver on your promises! Don’t just talk about something, but do it, and lead, by example!

When you are PREPARED for your presentation, you’ll do a better job! Do you really want, to become more effective, and better, at what, you do?

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Push Present Ideas for New Moms

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Push presents are sentimental gifts traditionally given to a mother from a father as an expression of his love and admiration for her strength and patience during her nine months of pregnancy. You know, the months of morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue, and of course the actual delivery.

As push presents grow in popularity, so do the many different choices available for these great gifts. There are baby keepsake kits to capture the memory of your baby’s first year. In a shadow box display, you can put a picture of your baby, along with clay handprints or footprints imprinted into soft non-toxic clay. On the front of each box is a metal plaque with your baby’s name and birth date.

There are also stones etched with the reasons why you love that special woman in your life. The stones are made of brushed nickel and each is etched with the words “I love you” on one side and a different saying on the other. They come in a velvet pouch and are a very nice keepsake.

And for those with more money to spare, a fitness or spa retreat for your wife and her girlfriends is definitely a push present that warrants a special thank you. She will love the rest and relaxation, as well as the quality time with her friends, and you will love the bonus points you receive from giving such a thoughtful, luxurious gift.

So what is the perfect push present? Well jewelry of course! Some women might receive a pair of diamond stud earrings or a new diamond ring to wear along with their wedding band. However, not all of us can afford such extravagant push presents. There are several options that are more sentimental and not as expensive. A pendant that can be personalized to fit the number of children and their birthstones, and is a great option that is both versatile and touching. This is the most favored way to celebrate milestones. And when your children are old enough, they will enjoy identifying which stone is theirs.

Today’s designers of push present jewelry are showing more versatile styles with a contemporary twist by incorporating different metals into one piece. It makes it easier when trying to decide whether or not your gold earrings will match your silver necklace. Easy and versatile is key, especially for a new mom. Consider purchasing a jewelry push present with birthstones for the new mother in your life!

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The Present is Perfect

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Many people spend a lot of time and energy either on planning about the future or brooding about the past whereas the only time we have is the present moment.

It is a very simple fact that the only time we have on our disposal is the present moment yet if we closely observe our thought patterns, we are amazed to know that most of the time they are centered on the past or the future. It must be remembered that two most dangerous things for the mankind that is worry and guilt survive because of our thoughts not properly focused on the present. They are very simple to explain. Worry is a thought that is centered on the future. For instance, thoughts like ” what will happen if I do not get that job?” or ” What will happen if I do not get rich?” or ” What will happen if I am fired” etc. Such type of thoughts constantly make us tense about the future so consequently we will sad and depressed. The other type of thoughts which constantly occupy our mind relate to the past. For instance, thoughts like ” If only I had joined the right firm” or ” I should not have done that” or ” I should have behaved properly” etc.

These types of thoughts take us to the past and do not let us concentrate fully on the present moment. The result is remorse, sadness and unhappiness.

What most of the people fail to understand is that past is dead and future is unpredictable. The only moment we have is the present moment. If we train our mind to let go the futile thoughts about past and future and concentrate fully on the present then worry and guilt are eliminated from our lives and we can do wonders. Present is the most suitable moment. It is superb. It is great. It is perfect. Nothing exists except the present moment. No worry, no anxiety, no guilt, no pain exist in the present. Mind that is totally present is calm, free, light and productive. We all know that it needs a little practice since old habits die hard but believe me it is worth the effort!

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