Craft Spirits made with unusual ingredients

For those of you who are craving craft booze delivery in London, here are some craft spirits to try out which use exotic and unusual ingredients.

Rum – Cabby’s rum is unique in every way because it is produced from 100% Cane Molasses which is the residue you get from boiling sugar cane juice. It provides a well-balanced complexity with coconut and treacle flavours, bringing to mind those islands and pirates of old. Another notable brand of craft rum is the Wigle Landlocked Oaked Rum, which actually uses honey.
Gin – There are quite a few craft gin brands that use unusual ingredients, a few notable mentions being Bully Boy Estate Gin made using Apples infused with other botanicals, and Dry Line Gin which uses sugar cane. Another notable brand is the Calwise Big Sur Gin, where they use grapes rather than grains since it gives the drink a much better taste sensation. If you want to try out a gin seeped in a bit of mystery and history, you should try the Old Bakery Gin, where the distillery is located in an old bakery building where they had actually sold illicit gin in the old days, but don’t worry, these days it is all legal and certainly worth a try.
Whiskey – There are many brands of craft whiskey which are made by infusing different botanicals and ingredients into the distilling process, but one that certainly comes up as unusual is the Kikori Whiskey, which uses rice, and produces a whiskey that is crisp and clean to taste.
Vodka – Vodka as you know is usually made from potatoes, but here’s something uncommon, sweet potato vodka.

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