How to Negotiate With a Used Car Salesman in 3 Easy Steps

Used car salesmen are champions at negotiation. However, you can beat them at their own game if you know what you’re getting into. By learning how to negotiate with a used car salesman, you increase the chances of getting a really good bargain.

I’m going to teach you a few tricks when it comes to situations like this. After reading this article, you’ll hopefully learn how to negotiate with a used car salesman with utmost confidence and bravado.

1) Know your numbers.

Before making an appointment or before you even step foot inside a used car store, make sure you did your research. Find out just how much used cars are worth. By how many percent does a car’s value depreciate after x number of years?

Arming yourself with the right knowledge will definitely help a lot when trying to negotiate with a used car salesman. This way, he can’t hide anything from you.

2) Be ready to walk away.

As pushy as car salesmen can be, that doesn’t mean you have to seal the deal at once. Ignore the seller when he gets a little too forceful and listen to your own thoughts instead.

When learning how to negotiate with a used car salesman, ask yourself these questions: Do you really like the car? How much will additional repairs cost you? If you can’t really afford what the seller is offering, you have to be prepared to look for other deals. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll find a sweeter deal somewhere else.

3) Ask for extras.

Price is not everything. Even if you can’t negotiate with the car salesman to lower the price any more, you can still get yourself a good deal. Ask for freebies or whatever extra services they’re offering.

Ask for free car wash coupons or a discount on car parts. I’ve even heard of a customer getting free dinner coupons upon buying his car from a well-known secondhand auto shop. This way, the seller may be more willing to give in to your requests.

Now that you know how to negotiate with a used car salesman, you can go out and try your luck at the first secondhand shop in your neighborhood. And if you ever find yourself in a situation where negotiation is needed, don’t be afraid to use your effective negotiation skills to close that bargain!

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