How to Present Your Baby Shower Diaper Cake

It’s easy to see how a baby shower diaper cake can be the centerpiece of the shower, but to really get the most out of your presentation during the shower, here are a few suggestions.

If you are the host of the baby shower:

If you decide to use the diaper cake a centerpiece on the food table, consider placing it directly next to the real cake. In fact, placing the two cakes right next to each other is a fun way to call attention to the diaper cake (it being the non edible one).

If you have a one or two tiered diaper cake, look into placing the diaper cake on a cake pedestal to give it some height. With the diaper cake elevated you can place items under the cake to help accentuate the center piece. Items to include under or around the cake could include:

Baby blocks
Flowers (silk or real)
Small plush animals
Baby blankets, towels or washcloths
If you opt to place it on the gift table, we highly recommend using a cake pedestal. This will act as “lighthouse” in guiding your guest in where and how to place the gifts on the table. If you’re unable to find a cake pedestal place a large pot upside down on the table and cover it with a table cloth, towels or baby blankets. Make sure the pot has a large bottom so that the cake does not topple over.

If you are the guest of the baby shower:

No one wants a guest barging in and taking over the decor. So be sure to contact the host of the baby shower and let her know that you are interested in bringing a baby shower diaper cake and offer it up as a centerpiece. The host will be grateful that you asked and your gift for mom-to-be will surely make it’s presentation.

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