Push Present Ideas for New Moms

Push presents are sentimental gifts traditionally given to a mother from a father as an expression of his love and admiration for her strength and patience during her nine months of pregnancy. You know, the months of morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue, and of course the actual delivery.

As push presents grow in popularity, so do the many different choices available for these great gifts. There are baby keepsake kits to capture the memory of your baby’s first year. In a shadow box display, you can put a picture of your baby, along with clay handprints or footprints imprinted into soft non-toxic clay. On the front of each box is a metal plaque with your baby’s name and birth date.

There are also stones etched with the reasons why you love that special woman in your life. The stones are made of brushed nickel and each is etched with the words “I love you” on one side and a different saying on the other. They come in a velvet pouch and are a very nice keepsake.

And for those with more money to spare, a fitness or spa retreat for your wife and her girlfriends is definitely a push present that warrants a special thank you. She will love the rest and relaxation, as well as the quality time with her friends, and you will love the bonus points you receive from giving such a thoughtful, luxurious gift.

So what is the perfect push present? Well jewelry of course! Some women might receive a pair of diamond stud earrings or a new diamond ring to wear along with their wedding band. However, not all of us can afford such extravagant push presents. There are several options that are more sentimental and not as expensive. A pendant that can be personalized to fit the number of children and their birthstones, and is a great option that is both versatile and touching. This is the most favored way to celebrate milestones. And when your children are old enough, they will enjoy identifying which stone is theirs.

Today’s designers of push present jewelry are showing more versatile styles with a contemporary twist by incorporating different metals into one piece. It makes it easier when trying to decide whether or not your gold earrings will match your silver necklace. Easy and versatile is key, especially for a new mom. Consider purchasing a jewelry push present with birthstones for the new mother in your life!

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