The Present is Perfect

Many people spend a lot of time and energy either on planning about the future or brooding about the past whereas the only time we have is the present moment.

It is a very simple fact that the only time we have on our disposal is the present moment yet if we closely observe our thought patterns, we are amazed to know that most of the time they are centered on the past or the future. It must be remembered that two most dangerous things for the mankind that is worry and guilt survive because of our thoughts not properly focused on the present. They are very simple to explain. Worry is a thought that is centered on the future. For instance, thoughts like ” what will happen if I do not get that job?” or ” What will happen if I do not get rich?” or ” What will happen if I am fired” etc. Such type of thoughts constantly make us tense about the future so consequently we will sad and depressed. The other type of thoughts which constantly occupy our mind relate to the past. For instance, thoughts like ” If only I had joined the right firm” or ” I should not have done that” or ” I should have behaved properly” etc.

These types of thoughts take us to the past and do not let us concentrate fully on the present moment. The result is remorse, sadness and unhappiness.

What most of the people fail to understand is that past is dead and future is unpredictable. The only moment we have is the present moment. If we train our mind to let go the futile thoughts about past and future and concentrate fully on the present then worry and guilt are eliminated from our lives and we can do wonders. Present is the most suitable moment. It is superb. It is great. It is perfect. Nothing exists except the present moment. No worry, no anxiety, no guilt, no pain exist in the present. Mind that is totally present is calm, free, light and productive. We all know that it needs a little practice since old habits die hard but believe me it is worth the effort!

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